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The Hoffman´s Court can be rented for both private and public events. We provide all services related to events, including catering. We can arrange decorations, live music or DJs, sound, projection, tents, banquet tables, screens, sweet bar and cake ...
Wifi is available free of charge. On request we can arrange wedding coordination. The complex can be rented without services.
By renting the Hoffman´s Court for one day, the premises are available from 08:00 in the morning until 02:00 in the following day.
From Hoffman´s Court is very good connection by public transport to Prague city center. There is also a large car park. The accommodation is approximately 500 m from Hoffman's Court. Newly You may also rent a room for the bride as well as rooms for an overnight stay (for 4-6 people).
The wedding ceremony directly at the Hoffman´s Court can be arranged by the registry office in Prague 9 - Kbely, but it can also be led by the alternative  registrar, depending on the wishe of the engaged couple.

Upon entering the very tastefully adapted Hoffman´s Court, the atmosphere of a place historically going back to the Wallensteins, through the Czernin family to Josef Hoffman, who bought the court in 1879 and bears his name until now, breathes on every guest.

Hoffman's Court has three parts - the main courtyard with the entrance to each individual building, the entrance with a parking lot and a large garden - everything is interconnected and the whole area is closed. Hoffman´s Court with an area of ​​0.6 ha has a versatile year-round use, can accommodate up to 1,500 guests, has a sufficient capacity of parking spaces and is easily accessible by public transport.

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Individual parts of the Hoffman Court are:

  • Stable - main building
  • Barn
  • Cellar
  • Yard with garden
  • Big garden
  • Catering facilities
Stable - main building
250 m2, for 200 people
It is a reconstructed separately lockable space of the former stable. Suitable for presentations, trainings, banquets, etc. The space is very adaptable. It is also possible to enter the stables by car. There is a bar with draft equipment, about 130 seats (capacity up to 250 seats, see below), podium, toilets and space is connected to the kitchen and catering facilities. All room inventory can be rebuilt as needed. In winter the room is heated.
240 m2, for 200 people
This relatively "raw" reconstructed space of a large and high barn is suitable in the summer for organizing screenings, seminars, exhibitions, theater performances, concerts, accompanying program, etc. It is possible to drive into a large car. It can also be used as a spare space for wedding ceremonies in case of rainy or otherwise bad weather. This space is not centrally heated, but can be heated by means of terrace gas heaters.
80 m2, for 40 people
The cellar can be used not only as a wine cellar, tea room, or other part of the accompanying program. It is located under a shelter under a barn and is made of original sandstone and brick. Space is not heated, on the contrary, in the summer you pleasantly refreshed…
Yard with garden
4500 m2, for 1000 people
It is a large paved area in combination with grassy areas. The yard is suitable for outdoor seating, installation of stages, party tents, main and accompanying programs, any presentation - it is the main landmark of the complex. It features a small garden area with a gazebo and an outdoor pool. The central grassy oval is used for wedding ceremonies. In the evening the yard is lit. Garden furniture and parasols are available in the summer months.
Big garden
A popular place for wedding ceremonies, realized under a century-old oak. This large grassy area can be used in summer to expand sports events, accompanying program, etc. In the summer months it is also used as a fun and relaxation park, with the possibility of excellent refreshments and lending games. The whole space can be easily connected with the main yard and the basic parking.
Facilities for external catering
Separate room is connected to the stables hall, but also to the courtyard (for outdoor service). Supply / unloading of goods can be realized directly from deliveries to the space, without crossing stairs. The space includes built-in counters for preparation, el. connections (220 and 380 V), water.
Throughout the premises are suitably and in sufficient quantities distributed. connections (220 and 380 V).
The area is illuminated at night. The building can be used for wheelchair access.

Capacity and layout options for rent:






standing buffet


250 m2






240 m2






80 m2





Yard with garden

4 500 m2




1 000

(*) by arrangement




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Occupied dates can be found in the calendar in red color Private event entered . Reservations, that are not covered by the contract and paid at the same time, we do not give there.

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